As a holistic Psychotherapist, I believe that everything  about you is interconnected and therefore must be looked at as a whole.

In our work together, we will explore the many facets of your life and the entirety of the mind, body and spirit connection. For instance, if you come to me about with an issue such as depression or anxiety, we will not only explore your mental and emotional self but also the other areas of your life where you might be out of balance. In most cases there are many layers that can contribute to anxiety and depression, so we will be curious about some of the things happening underneath those feelings. This might look or sound like exploring your feelings of grief, hurt, anger, and fear, and starting to get in touch with parts of yourself and emotions that have been pushed away and are contributing to your symptoms of un-ease and stuckness.

I deeply believe in the practice of embodied mindfulness. In therapy together we will put you back in your body, and get you in touch with your feelings that have perhaps been dormant or experienced as anxiety, sadness, or shame in the body. We live in a world where feelings are not always paid attention to and valued, and therefore can get stuck, pushed down, or split off resulting in anxiety, depression, pain, tension, headaches, and relationship issues. Being able to fully feel, name, understand our feelings, and being able to speak them is therefore essential to healing and changing yourself and your relationships. This is a basic human need that we all have, although we are unfortunately not taught this in school when we’re children.

Our pasts also play an important role in our lives, and unresolved issues, pain, and trauma from that past can be effecting how we are relating to ourselves, to others, and the world around us. Understanding some of these past experiences can be essential in untangling some behaviors that are no longer working for us that once served a valuable purpose. If we don’t give these memories the attention they are asking for and feel the feelings they are associated with, it’s possible that the compulsion to repeat or recreate a similar experiences in the present will happen. You may notice that you are continually choosing the same type of person to be in relationship with, and end up feeling the same feelings of rejection, overwhelm, suffocation, hurt, or regret. This is something that we will talk more about, and bring more awareness to so that you can choose a different course in the future.

This is just a small window into how I work, but each person is different. I would love to learn more about you and what you are wanting to work on in therapy together.

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I currently practice at HAVN Collective in San Francisco, CA in the Pacific Heights Neighborhood.

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