What is Energy Healing?

Energy Healing or Energy Medicine has been around as long as humans have been on earth. It is a modality practiced by tribal populations as well as other ancient populations around the globe. In today's world, the most common type of energy healing is called Reiki, which has become a well known form of hands on healing in the United States because it of its standardization and certification process. There are however many ways to do energy healing and each individual person has their own unique ability and skills. I practice a form of energy healing that is a combination between Vibrational Healing Therapy and my own discovered talents and abilities. 

Energy Healing is a type of therapy used to release stuck energy in the tissues to bring you and your body more into the present. Stuck energy might look like a stiff shoulder joint after years of having poor posture and sitting at a desk. It also may look like an injured knee after a car accident many years ago, or it may look like tight hips for a the victim of childhood abuse. Although it may look and feel like the issue is purely in the physical realm, many of these physical symptoms are accompanied by emotions too that have been buried down deep in the tissues. It's very common, especially during childhood, to store emotions in the body because if we don't have the mental capacity and support to process the intense emotion in the moment, then the body will store the emotion until we are able to fully feel it and experience it. As a result, many of us have learned to unconsciously store our emotions in our bodies. This is why when you have an extra stressful week at work or at home, or you go through a traumatic break up, you will feel your body stiffen up and will usually experience some sort of ache or pain. 

Knowing that the body has the tendency to hold on to the past in our tissues, Energy Healing has been created to work on the subtle energetic field that resides in all of us. By setting the intention to heal, and using my own energy in synergy with my client's, we are able to release some of that old energy of the past so that your body can be more fully in the present. Not everyone will feel the physical sensation from a healing session, however most will notice a relief, and lightness by the end of the session. Many people will also experience a reduction in pain symptoms within the first week and eventually the entire injury will go away without you being aware of it. Other highly sensitive people will feel the healing happening on a deeper level, and may even notice emotions, thoughts, or memories that come up during the session. These are indicators for what is being held in the tissues and are helpful for us in truly healing your being. With your permission, we will discuss these feelings and thoughts as they come to you and I will coach you through any mental blocks that may be related to the place we are healing.

If you are feeling stuck, like you can't get past a certain life lesson, or are feeling like want to release some of the old emotions that you know you haven't fully let go of, than I highly recommend trying Energy Healing. It is truly holistic in nature in that you can heal multidimensional in the mind, body and spirit.